Building Veromos: The Ultimate Guide

Building Veromos: The Ultimate Guide

Veromos, the Dark Ifrit, stands as a linchpin of triumph in the Summoner’s War world. If you’re looking to strengthen your arsenal, dominate in dungeons, and climb the ranks in arena battles, mastering the art of building Veromos is not just a choice—it’s a necessity.

Veromos embodies a level of importance that extends beyond mere utility. He is the key to unlocking your team’s potential, mitigating harmful effects, and ensuring victory in the most challenging encounters. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only reveal how to build Veromos but also highlight precisely why he holds such a pivotal role in your Summoner’s War journey.

Prepare to discover the unparalleled power of Veromos and unveil the latent potential within this remarkable monster. As we delve into the intricacies of building Veromos in Summoner’s War, you’ll acquire invaluable insights and battle-tested strategies, equipping you to conquer the toughest challenges and emerge as a victorious force within the Summoner’s War universe. Let’s dive in and learn how to build Veromos for unparalleled greatness.

Building Veromos: The Ultimate Guide
Building Veromos: The Ultimate Guide

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I. Fusion and Awakening:

Step 1: Gathering Fusion Materials

To begin your journey towards building Veromos, you must first collect the required fusion materials. These essential monsters include the Water Undine (Mikene), Fire Succubus (Akia), Wind Vampire (Argen), and Dark Yeti (Kumae). Acquiring these creatures is your initial step towards unlocking Veromos’ potential.

Step 2: Completing the Fusion Process

Once you’ve gathered the necessary fusion materials, it’s time to embark on the fusion process itself. This process involves combining these specific monsters to awaken Veromos, the Dark Ifrit. It’s important to approach this step with patience and diligence, as it is undeniably a crucial milestone in your journey to harness Veromos’ formidable abilities. Take your time, follow the fusion recipe meticulously, and soon you’ll have Veromos by your side, ready to dominate the Summoner’s War arena.

II. Skills and Abilities

Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide
Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Here’s a breakdown of his skills and abilities:

Leader Skill: Veromos provides vital leadership, bolstering the HP of all ally monsters by an impressive 33%.

Arcane Strike: Veromos unleashes a devastating magical attack, carrying a 50% chance to inflict continuous damage for 2 turns. The damage inflicted scales with his Attack Speed.

  • Level 2: Damage +5%
  • Level 3: Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Level 4: Damage +10%
  • Level 5: Damage +10%
  • Level 6: Harmful Effect Rate +15%

Crushing Impact: Veromos launches a devastating attack that deals damage based on the enemy’s Max HP while having a 30% chance to stun them. Should the target prove immune to stun, Veromos ruthlessly depletes their Attack Bar by 50% each, with a guaranteed 100% success rate. (Reusable in 4 turns)

  • Level 2: Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Level 3: Damage +10%
  • Level 4: Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Level 5: Damage +10%
  • Level 6: Harmful Effect Rate +10%
  • Level 7: Cooltime Turn -1

Purification of Magic (Passive): Veromos constantly cleanses harmful effects, except for inability effects, from all allies each turn. Simultaneously, his allies are restored by 5% of their HP for each harmful effect removed. Furthermore, Veromos’s Attack Bar surges by 10% for each remaining harmful effect on an ally after his turn. [Automatic Effect]

Veromos’s skills make him a versatile monster in various game modes. His second skill, Light of Recovery, is especially valuable because it not only provides healing and Defense buff to allies but also cleanses all harmful effects, making him a reliable support and cleanser in dungeons and PvP battles. His passive, Cleanse, further reinforces his cleansing capabilities by removing a harmful effect from all allies every turn. Lastly, his Leader Skill increases HP in dungeons, making him a sought-after leader for dungeon teams.

III. Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide

1. Rune Builds

Veromos, the Dark Ifrit, have versatile skill set that makes him useful in various aspects of the game, including PvP and PvE. When building Veromos, it’s essential to focus on his role as a cleanser and debuffer. Here are the recommended rune builds for Veromos:

Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide - Rune Build
Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide – Rune Build

1.1 Swift/Energy (Early Game):

  • Slot 2: Speed
  • Slot 4: HP%
  • Slot 6: HP%

Stats Priority:

  • Speed
  • HP%
  • Defense%
  • Accuracy

Explanation: In the early game, when you might not have access to top-tier Violent runes, Swift is an excellent choice for Veromos. This build prioritizes Speed and HP to ensure he moves quickly and can take hits. Additionally, accuracy is crucial to land his debuffs consistently.

1.2. Violent/Energy or Violent/Nemesis (Late Game):

  • Slot 2: Speed
  • Slot 4: HP%
  • Slot 6: HP%

Stats Priority:

  • Speed
  • HP%
  • Defense%
  • Accuracy

Explanation: Violent runes are the ideal late-game choice for Veromos. They allow him to cleanse and debuff more frequently, making him a much more reliable unit. You can choose Energy or Nemesis for the offset runes, depending on your preference. Energy provides more overall survivability, while Nemesis can help Veromos cut in between enemy turns and cleanse more often.

1.3. Swift/Will (Alternative for PvP):

  • Slot 2: Speed
  • Slot 4: HP%
  • Slot 6: HP%

Stats Priority:

  • Speed
  • HP%
  • Defense%
  • Accuracy

Explanation: If you intend to use Veromos in PvP, especially against teams with strong debuffs or crowd control, a Swift/Will build can be valuable. Will runes prevent him from getting controlled or debuffed on the first turn, allowing him to cleanse your team immediately.

Substats: Look for substats like Speed, HP%, Defense%, and Accuracy on your runes. Speed is the most crucial substat for Veromos, as it determines how often he can cleanse and apply his debuffs. HP% and Defense% make him tankier, and accuracy ensures his debuffs land reliably.

Additional Tips:

  • Aim for high Speed and accuracy substats to make Veromos as effective as possible.
  • Max skill Veromos through skill-ups obtained from fusing other Ifrits or Devilmon.
  • Veromos is often used in the Dragon’s Lair and Giant’s Keep dungeons, so prioritize his performance in those areas if you’re focusing on PvE content.
  • His Leader Skill (33% HP increase in dungeons) can be useful for dungeon teams, so consider using him as the leader if you don’t have a better leader skill option.

Remember that rune builds can vary based on your specific needs and the other monsters in your team. Adapt your Veromos build to complement your overall strategy and the requirements of your team composition.

2. Team Building

Building a team with Veromos, the Dark Ifrit, requires understanding his role as a cleanser and debuffer. Veromos is often used in both PvP and PvE content, thanks to his ability to remove harmful effects and apply continuous damage. Here are some team compositions for various aspects of Summoners War:

Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide - Team Build
Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide – Team Build

2.1. Dungeon and PvE Teams:

Standard Dungeon Team:

  • Veromos (Leader)
  • Belladeon (Light Inugami)
  • Bernard (Wind Griffon)
  • Shannon (Wind Pixie)
  • Damage Dealer or Support

Explanation: This is a typical early-to-mid-game dungeon team that can be used in Giant’s Keep (GB10) and Dragon’s Lair (DB10). Veromos serves as the leader to increase HP for better survivability. He cleanses and provides continuous damage while Belladeon offers healing and defense break. Bernard boosts the team’s speed and attack gauge, and Shannon provides buffs and crowd control. The last slot can be filled with a damage dealer like Sigmarus, Lapis, or a support monster like Konamiya for additional cleansing and healing.

Speed DB10 Team:

  • Verdehile (Fire Vampire)
  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Megan (Water Mystic Witch)
  • Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

Explanation: This team is for a faster Dragon’s Lair (DB10) run. Verdehile speeds up your team’s turn cycles with his passive, while Veromos, Belladeon, and Megan provide cleansing and control. Sigmarus deals significant damage and has a leader skill that increases the HP of water monsters.

2.2. PvP Teams:

Arena Offense Team:

  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Damage Dealer (e.g., Lushen, Theomars)
  • Crowd Control or Support (e.g., Galleon, Megan)

Explanation: Veromos can help cleanse your team of harmful debuffs and keep them alive in arena battles. Pair him with a defense breaker like Galleon and a strong damage dealer for a potent offense. Belladeon provides healing and additional defense break.

Arena Defense Team:

  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Tanky Bruisers (e.g., Rakan, Ritesh)
  • Crowd Control or Support

Explanation: A tanky arena defense team with Veromos can deter attackers with its sustain and cleansing capabilities. Tanky bruisers and crowd control can make your team challenging to defeat.

Guild Wars Offense Team:

  • Veromos
  • Belladeon
  • Damage Dealer
  • Flex Slot (Support or Crowd Control)

Explanation: Veromos and Belladeon form the core of a reliable guild wars offense team. Choose your damage dealer based on the opponent’s team composition, and the flex slot can be filled with a support or crowd control unit to adapt to different situations.

Remember that Veromos is a versatile monster, and his usage can vary depending on your needs and the specific enemy teams you’re facing. Ensure that your team has synergy and can counter the threats you encounter in both PvE and PvP content. Additionally, rune quality and speed tuning are crucial for successful team building with Veromos.

IV. Tips and Tricks

To make the most of him in various game modes, here are some tips and tricks for playing Veromos effectively:

Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide - tips and tricks
Building Veromos 2023: The Ultimate Guide – tips and tricks
  1. Skill Priority:
    • Max skill Veromos through Ifrit fusion or Devilmon to reduce cooldowns and increase the chances of landing debuffs.
    • Prioritize leveling up his second skill (2nd Awakening) “Light of Recovery” first for better healing and cleansing.
  2. Speed and Accuracy:
    • Veromos’s effectiveness depends on his Speed and Accuracy stats. Aim to get him as fast as possible while maintaining high Accuracy to cleanse and apply debuffs consistently.
  3. Leadership Skill:
    • Veromos has a valuable Leadership Skill that increases HP by 33% in dungeons. Use him as the leader for your dungeon teams to improve survivability.
  4. PvE Content:
    • In dungeons like Giant’s Keep (GB10) and Dragon’s Lair (DB10), Veromos can cleanse harmful effects, making him a staple in beginner and mid-game teams.
    • Use Veromos to remove the defense break debuff, allowing your team to take fewer hits from the boss.
  5. Arena and Guild Wars:
    • Veromos can be a solid addition to your offense and defense teams in PvP. His cleansing ability can help counter enemy control and debuff strategies.
    • Pair Veromos with damage dealers and support monsters to create well-rounded teams.
  6. Rune Recommendations:
    • Swift/Energy or Violent/Energy are excellent rune sets for Veromos. Prioritize Speed, HP%, and Accuracy in substats.
    • Consider using Will runes on Veromos for PvP to protect against enemy crowd control on the first turn.
  7. Status Cleansing:
    • Pay attention to harmful debuffs on your team and activate Veromos’s third skill, “Passive: Cleanse,” when necessary. It removes a harmful effect from all allies each turn.
    • The cleanse ability also helps mitigate damage from monsters that rely on harmful effects for their damage output.
  8. Continuous Damage:
    • Veromos’s first skill applies continuous damage. Use this to your advantage in PvE to speed up boss fights, especially in dungeons like Giant’s Keep and Dragon’s Lair.
  9. Synergy with Other Monsters:
    • Veromos pairs well with healers, support units, and damage dealers who benefit from cleansing and debuffing.
    • Monsters like Belladeon (Light Inugami) and Konamiya (Water Garuda) complement Veromos’s abilities with their own cleansing and support skills.
  10. AI Behavior:
    • Be aware that Veromos’s AI might prioritize his first skill over cleansing when facing enemies without harmful effects. Manually activate his cleanse ability when needed to ensure your team’s safety.
  11. Runing for ToA (Trial of Ascension):
    • Veromos is also valuable in ToA due to his ability to cleanse and apply continuous damage. High Speed, Accuracy, and survivability are key here.
  12. Versatility:
    • Veromos is a versatile monster that can adapt to different situations. Experiment with team compositions and strategies to maximize his potential in various game modes.

Remember that Veromos’s performance can improve significantly as you progress through the game and acquire better runes and monsters. Adapt his build and usage to your current progression level and the specific challenges you’re facing in Summoners War.

V. Conclusion

In the intricate world of Summoners War, embarking on the journey to build Veromos is a path filled with challenges and rewards. This journey is undoubtedly a testament to your dedication as a summoner. Once you’ve completed the fusion, optimized his runes and stats, and fine-tuned your strategies, Veromos will emerge as the cornerstone of your success.

With Veromos by your side, dungeons will be conquered, arena battles will be won, and victory will become a familiar companion. Remember, the keys to unlocking Veromos’ greatness lie in patience and persistence. As you continue to refine and elevate your Veromos, may his power guide you to triumph in the ever-evolving world of Summoners War. Your journey has just begun, and greatness awaits. Best of luck on your path to Veromos mastery!

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