How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)

How To Build Team DB10

Among the myriad of dungeons that players strive to conquer, Dragons Lair B10, or DB10, stands as a formidable milestone. It’s here that summoners test their mettle, seeking precious runes to elevate their monsters to new heights.

In this article, we’ll unveil the strategies, monsters, and rune wisdom that will empower you to progress from your early DB10 attempts to constructing a well-oiled speed team. So, ready your monsters, sharpen your runes, and embark on a journey that will lead you from the novice stage to mastering the Dragons Lair in Summoners War. Let’s delve into the mystical world of DB10 and emerge victorious together.

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How To Build Team DB10
How To Build Team DB10

I. Why is DB10 dungeon important to players?

The Dragons Lair B10 (DB10) dungeon holds significant importance for players in Summoners War for several compelling reasons:

  1. High-Quality Rune Farming: DB10 is one of the primary sources for farming high-quality Violent, Swift, and Fatal runes. These rune sets are crucial for optimizing your monsters in various aspects of the game, including Arena, Guild Wars, and Raid Battles. As players progress, having access to top-tier runes becomes essential for success.
  2. Versatility and End-Game Relevance: The runes obtained from DB10 are versatile and can be used on a wide range of monsters. Many end-game PvP and PvE teams rely heavily on Violent and Swift runes, which are commonly farmed in this dungeon. Therefore, DB10 remains relevant even in the late stages of the game.
  3. Monster Improvement: The DB10 dungeon offers opportunities to acquire various valuable materials, including rainbowmon, which can be used to evolve monsters to 6 stars. This improvement in monster quality is essential for tackling challenging content and achieving higher Arena rankings.

In summary, the DB10 dungeon is vital to Summoners War players because it offers a consistent source of top-tier runes, signifies progression in the game, and fosters essential skills in team building and strategy. Its impact extends throughout a player’s journey, from early-game progression to the highest levels of end-game content.

II. How to build team DB10 for Beginner

Before venturing into Dragon’s Lair B10 (DB10) in Summoner’s War, it’s essential to have a solid Giants B10 (GB10) team. This is because the runes from GB10 will serve as the foundation for your DB10 team’s success. Your GB10 team should be able to consistently farm GB10 on auto mode with a success rate of at least 95%. It’s also crucial to have a 6-star monster or two from your GB10 team to provide the necessary power and stability for DB10.

Introduction to a Safe, Beginner DB10 Team

DB10 is the second major dungeon in Summoner’s War and primarily focuses on obtaining Violent runes. A safe beginner DB10 team aims to clear the dungeon consistently without failures, allowing you to farm the valuable Violent runes needed to progress in the game.

A typical beginner DB10 team composition consists of five core monsters: Veromos, Belladeon, Konamiya, Megan, and Sigmarus. Each of these monsters plays a specific role in the team’s success.

Monsters for the Beginner Team:

How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)
How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed) – Team Beginners
  1. Veromos (Dark Ifrit):
    • Role: Veromos serves as the team’s cleanser and provides continuous damage through his DoT (Damage over Time) abilities.
    • How it works: Veromos’ third skill, “Cleanse,” removes harmful effects and provides continuous damage to the Dragon boss with each attack.
  2. Belladeon (Light Inugami):
    • Role: Belladeon is the primary healer and defense breaker for your team.
    • How it works: Belladeon’s third skill, “Seize,” removes a beneficial effect from the enemy and has a chance to break the enemy’s defense, making it easier to deal damage.
  3. Konamiya (Water Garuda):
    • Role: Konamiya is your secondary cleanser and provides additional healing and cleanse capabilities.
    • How it works: Konamiya’s third skill, “Resurge,” can be used to cleanse and provide a turn boost to a teammate, helping you cycle through your skills more rapidly.
  4. Megan (Water Mystic Witch):
    • Role: Megan is responsible for buffing your team with beneficial effects, including attack and defense buffs.
    • How it works: Megan’s third skill, “Toad Poison,” grants your team attack and defense buffs and can also remove beneficial effects from the enemy.
  5. Sigmarus (Water Phoenix):
    • Role: Sigmarus is the primary damage dealer of the team, dealing substantial damage to the Dragon boss.
    • How it works: Sigmarus’ third skill, “Ice Volcano,” deals massive damage based on the enemy’s max HP and can also freeze the enemy, providing crowd control.

Tips on Rune Requirements and Stat Priorities for Safety:

How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)
How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)
  • Veromos: Swift or Violent runes with Speed, HP%, and Accuracy. Aim for at least 200 Speed and high accuracy for reliable cleansing.
  • Belladeon: Swift or Violent runes with Speed, HP%, and Accuracy. Prioritize Speed and HP to keep your team alive, and aim for 45% accuracy for defense break.
  • Konamiya: Swift or Violent runes with Speed, HP%, and Resilience. Stack Speed and HP for cleansing and healing, and aim for some resistance to resist harmful effects.
  • Megan: Swift or Violent runes with Speed, HP%, and Accuracy. Focus on Speed and HP, with some accuracy for buff removal.
  • Sigmarus: Fatal or Rage runes with Attack%, Critical Damage%, and Attack%. Maximize Sigmarus’ damage output while maintaining some survivability.

Ensure that your monsters have decent HP, Speed, and accuracy to survive the Dragon’s attacks, cycle through their skills efficiently, and apply essential debuffs and buffs. The mentioned monsters provide a balanced composition for a beginner DB10 team, making the dungeon runs safer and more consistent as you work towards better runes and more advanced teams.

Build Speed DB10 Team

As you progress in Summoner’s War, the need for transitioning to a speed DB10 (Dragon’s Lair B10) team becomes essential. While a safe beginner team is reliable for obtaining initial Violent runes, a speed team offers faster and more efficient rune farming, allowing you to improve your monsters and progress in the game at a quicker pace.

Introduction Speed DB10 Team

A speed DB10 team is designed to clear the dungeon as fast as possible, usually under a minute. These teams rely on high damage output, turn cycling, and efficient buff and debuff application to defeat the Dragon boss quickly.

The Importance of Better Runes and Optimization

To transition to a speed DB10 team, you’ll need significantly better runes and optimized monsters. This means higher speed, attack, and critical rate, as well as improved overall stats to ensure your monsters can survive the Dragon’s attacks.

Key Speed DB10 Monsters and Their Roles

How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)
How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed) – Speed Team
  1. Verdehile (Fire Vampire):
    • Role: Verdehile is the core of a speed DB10 team. His passive skill grants extra turns to your team, increasing your turn cycling and damage output.
    • Rune Build: Violent/Revenge with Speed, Critical Rate, and Attack%.
  2. Galleon (Water Pirate Captain):
    • Role: Galleon provides essential debuffs, including defense break and attack buff, to maximize your team’s damage output.
    • Rune Build: Swift/Fight or Violent/Fight with Speed, HP%, and Accuracy.
  3. Stella/Taor (Water Assassin/Water Chimera):
    • Role: Stella and Taor are high damage dealers. Stella excels at applying multiple debuffs, while Taor has AoE damage.
    • Rune Build: Stella – Rage/Blade with Attack%, Critical Damage%, and Attack%. Taor – Violent/Will with similar stats.
  4. Tarq (Water Hellhound):
    • Role: Tarq is a secondary damage dealer who excels in turn cycling due to his passive skill that grants additional attacks.
    • Rune Build: Violent/Blade with Speed, Critical Rate, and Attack%.
  5. Hwa (Fire Rakshasa):
    • Role: Hwa is a versatile monster that provides both damage and crowd control by reducing the boss’s attack bar.
    • Rune Build: Swift/Blade or Violent/Blade with Speed, Critical Rate, and Attack%.

Turn Order and Speed Tuning in a Speed DB10 Team

In a speed DB10 team, the turn order is critical to maximize efficiency. Verdehile should be the fastest to ensure that he boosts your team’s attack bar frequently. The turn order might look like this:

  1. Verdehile
  2. Galleon
  3. Stella/Taor
  4. Tarq
  5. Hwa

Verdehile’s speed should be tuned so that your other monsters can follow up with their skills immediately after his turn. This ensures that you apply defense break, attack buff, and damage as quickly as possible.

How To Build Team DB10 (Beginner To Speed)

Speed tuning is vital to prevent the enemy from taking turns between your monsters. Make sure your Galleon is fast enough to provide defense break before your damage dealers move, and Hwa should be fast enough to reduce the Dragon’s attack bar consistently.

Transitioning to a speed DB10 team requires dedication to improving your monsters’ runes and speed tuning. With the right setup and optimization, you can significantly increase your rune farming efficiency and progress in Summoner’s War.

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In the ever-evolving realm of Summoners War, mastering the Dragons Lair B10 (DB10) is not just an achievement; it’s a testament to your growth as a summoner. Throughout this guide, we’ve embarked on a journey, unraveling the secrets of assembling a formidable DB10 team – from humble beginnings as a beginner to the lightning-quick prowess of a speed team.

Now, let’s recap the key takeaways:

  • Solid Foundation: Start with a reliable beginner DB10 team, ensuring you have a sturdy Giants B10 team in place first.
  • Step-by-Step Transition: As you amass better runes and monsters, work towards creating a speed DB10 team for faster clears.
  • Rune Quality Matters: The quality of your runes is paramount; invest time in farming GB10 and DB10 for top-tier sets.
  • Turn Order and Speed Tuning: Properly tune your team for seamless coordination and optimal speed.
  • Skill, Evolution, and Optimization: Maximize your monsters’ potential through skill-ups, 6-star evolution, and stat optimization.
  • Accuracy and Speed Stats: Pay attention to accuracy for critical debuffs and increase speed for efficiency.
  • Continual Refinement: Never stop refining your team; testing and tweaking are the paths to perfection.

Above all, summoner, remember that patience and dedication are your greatest allies on this journey. The path from a beginner to a speed DB10 team can be challenging, but it’s also profoundly rewarding. With each triumph and rune upgrade, you’re inching closer to greatness.

Summoners War is not just about battles; it’s about growth, strategy, and unwavering determination. So, stay committed, hone your skills, and let the thrill of conquest propel you forward.

The Dragons Lair awaits – venture forth, conquer its challenges, and emerge as a summoner of unmatched prowess. Your destiny in Summoners War is yours to shape. May your monsters be strong, your runes be legendary, and your victories legendary! Best of luck, summoner!

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