Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2

Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Are you ready to embark on the next journey in the exciting world of Summoners War? After mastering the basics in “Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 1”, it’s time to explore new challenges and take your strategy to the next level. Part 2 will guide you to conquer higher goals, including:
  • Introducing Giant’s – GBAH
  • Kro, Shannon and Fran
  • Loren, Belladeon and Darion
  • Final of preparing for ToA and GBAH
Get ready for new and challenging adventures in Summoners War!
Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Summoners War Guides For Newbie

Introduction to Green Giant – GBAH

After 1-2 days of exploring the game, you will start building a stable team to farm the Giant’s Keep Auto Hard difficulty. The Giant is the dungeon you will farm (by this point you should realize that this game is all about grinding) for the majority of your playtime to obtain runes for your monsters.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2
Summoners War Guides For Newbie – Giant’s Keep

Your team for farming the Giant will consist of the following monsters:

  • Veromos: A NAT5 monster obtainable through fusion and arguably the most important monster for your PvE journey.
  • Kro: A NAT3 monster you receive for free from the Summoner’s Path (you will unlock the quest after completing Beginner). You will need to 2nd awaken it later on, but 1st awakening is sufficient for now (I will explain how to awaken in a later section).
  • Shannon: A NAT2 monster you receive for free from the Summoner’s Path.
  • Belladeon: A NAT3 monster obtainable from the Secret Dungeon.
  • Darion: A NAT3 monster obtainable from the Secret Dungeon.


  • This guide is for beginners and assumes you do not have any other powerful monsters yet.
  • There are many other viable teams for farming the Giant, but this team is a good starting point.
  • The monsters listed above are all relatively easy to obtain.

2. Kro, Shannon, and Fran

At this point, you probably only have Kro and Shannon. That’s okay, just focus on building those two first. I want you to concentrate your resources on building one monster at a time, rather than spreading yourself too thin.

You will evolve Shannon to 5*, Kro to 6*, and gradually max their skill levels by feeding them other Inugami and Pixie monsters. I mentioned earlier that you should keep all Inugami at P1, and Pixie is a NAT2 monster so you can easily open Unknown Scrolls or buy them from the Magic Shop. If you don’t have enough Inugami yet, don’t worry, you can do this slowly.

Now you have built 3 monsters: Kro, Shannon, and Lapis. After raising all 3 to the required star level, you will continue to build Fran, which you also obtained from the Summoner’s Path. You will 6* her and level up her skills by feeding her other Fairy monsters.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2
Summoners War Guides For Newbie – Kro


  • It’s important to focus on building one monster at a time, as this will allow you to progress faster.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have all the required monsters yet, you can obtain them over time.
  • Make sure to level up your monsters’ skills as soon as possible, as this will greatly improve their performance.

Rune Sets for Your Monsters:

  • Kro: Set: Fatal/Blade (the same set you currently have on Lapis)
  • Lapis: Set: Vampire/Revenge
  • Fran: Set: Violent/Will
  • Shannon: Set: Despair/Focus (Slot 2: HP% , Slot 4: HP% or Attack% (if you don’t have an HP% rune with good substats, you can use an Attack% rune here)
    Slot 6: HP%)

3. Loren, Belladeon, and Darion

To obtain all 4 monsters above, you will need to farm the Secret Dungeon. The Secret Dungeon can be quite frustrating during the first week of playing the game, and there’s really no way I can help you avoid that frustration. At least you can rest assured that you won’t be suffering from it after the first week of playing.

To find the Secret Dungeon, you will need to pay attention to the chat bar. You will join a chat channel between 100-130 (channels 109 and 124 are Vietnamese channels) and occasionally check to see if anyone has found the dungeon you need. If they have, click on the request to join.

On Fridays (which is tomorrow), the Light Dungeon is open, so you will be able to find the dungeons for Loren, Belladeon, and Darion. On Mondays, the Dark Dungeon is open, so you will be able to find the Black Yeti to fuse Veromos, and also the Kro dungeon to farm food to level up Kro and Belladeon’s skills.

Another way to find the Secret Dungeon is to add as many friends as possible in the game, up to 50 people. You don’t necessarily have to be real friends with them, but when they open the Secret Dungeon, it will automatically open for you as well. You should add friends from the chat bar, prioritize those with high levels, and if they have monsters like Rica or Verad on their profile, even better, those 2 monsters will carry you through the Hall of Heroes.

The Secret Dungeon will be open for 1 hour. Each time you clear 10 floors, you will receive 4 monster pieces. Once you have 40 monster pieces, you will get the NAT3 monster you need.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2
Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2

Your team for the Secret Dungeon will be Lapis, Shannon, Kro, Fran, and a support monster from your friends (Durand’s Laika is a good option).

You only need to farm one Darion and one Black Yeti. Farm as many Loren as possible until you max her skills. Farm as many Belladeon/Kro as possible to level up their skills and to build two other important Inugami monsters later on: Raoq and Icaru. As always, you can farm food to level up skills gradually.

Once you have one of Loren, Belladeon, or Darion, you will have a team to farm the Magic Hall and the Elemental Halls (always floor 10). Your team will be Lapis, Fran, Shannon, Kro, and one of the three, with Loren being the best option. The monster in the last slot will be equipped with a Swift/Energy rune set obtained from the Summoner’s Path.

You will farm these halls to awaken your monsters and to obtain materials to craft the Secret Dungeon in the Crafting Building.

Obtaining Loren also unlocks a team for you to 2nd awaken Kro: Lapis, Fran, Loren, Kro. Farm floor 5.

In all the dungeons you farm, you want your monsters to auto-attack the boss. Click on the gear icon -> Battle Boss -> Attack Order and select all bosses.

4. Final Preparations for ToA and GBAH

After obtaining the Black Yeti, you will fuse Veromos. Fusing Veromos requires 3 more 4* monsters, which you will receive for free from the Summoner’s Path. The 4* monsters you will need are:

  1. Argen
  2. Akia
  3. Mikene
  4. Verdehile

You will also need to 6* Veromos (from now on, unless I specify otherwise, assume that you will 6* a monster) and use devilmon to level up his skills until his second skill is maxed.

To obtain runes for Veromos, you will need to beat Giant B10 once, using the team Lapis, Shannon, Fran, Kro, and Laika (Durand’s Laika). This will give you a Swift/Energy rune set. Upgrade the runes in slots 2, 4, and 6 to +15, and the runes in slots 1, 3, and 5 to +12, and then equip them on Veromos.

When you reach level 20, the game will unlock the Summoner’s Tower skill feature each time you level up. You will upgrade them in the following order:

  • Energy Recharge Rate
  • Energy Capacity MAX
  • All skills in the Battle tab that are not elemental atk
  • Elemental atk skills
  • Others

Additionally, when you reach level 27, you will unlock 2 artifact dungeons. Artifacts will have significant ATK, HP, and DEF stats, which is what you should be focusing on at this stage. Just farm floor 2 of those 2 dungeons and equip HP/DEF artifacts on all your monsters.


Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 2 has provided you with detailed instructions to develop your account in the early stages of the game. Remember that this is only a general guide, you can adjust your strategy based on your actual situation and personal preferences. You can continue to follow this series of articles through the list of articles about Summoners War Guides For Newbie below.

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