Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4

Summoners War Guides For Newbie

Welcome to Part 4 of the Summoners War Guides Series!
In this part, we will dive deeper into the strategic aspects of the game. I will be sharing the following topics with you:

  1. Speed Tuning GBAH
  2. Spectra 2A Discussion
  3. ToAH (Trial of Ascension Hard)
Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Summoners War Guides For Newbie

1. Speed Tuning GBAH

Do you have a good Giants team yet? Let’s review:

  • Veromos: Speed/HP
  • Darion: Speed/HP
  • Belladeon: Rage/Will
  • Shannon: Despair/HP, 5* evolution is enough
  • Kro: Fatal/Blade, 2nd awakening
Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4
Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4

If your team is losing, check if you have built them correctly: are the runes correct, and have you upgraded all the necessary skills?

Once you have a stable Giants team, the first thing you need to do to speed up your team is to make sure Kro doesn’t die. In fact, one of the reasons you are slow is that sometimes Kro is killed by the boss and you lose a lot of damage (dead monsters deal 0 damage).

Here are some tips to make Kro survive:

  • Make sure Kro has enough HP. You can achieve this by using HP% runes and substats.
  • Use a Deflector shield on Kro. This will help to reduce the damage he takes from the boss’s attacks.
  • Use a healer, such as Belladeon, to keep Kro alive.
  • Use a reviver, such as Briand, to bring Kro back to life if he does die.

Rune your Kro as follows (in order of slots 2, 4, 6): ATK% or HP%/Crit Dmg/ATK% or HP%. Your Kro will have around +10000 HP and +300 DEF (you can adjust the stats a bit, e.g. if you only have +200 DEF, you need to have +11000~12000 HP) and 100% crit rate. If you don’t have 100% crit rate yet, just get as high as possible, prioritizing HP and DEF stats first. Remember, you don’t need to build Fatal/Blade, just build any set that gives you the stats you need. And remember to wear 2 artifacts with stats.

Next, you need to change your Veromos’ build to a damage build: Spd/CDmg/Hp. Your Veromos will need to have 45% accuracy, +70 speed or more, and also 100% crit rate. If you don’t have it yet, get as much as possible, but you must have enough accuracy. I find that the Swift/Blade build is the easiest to get the required stats, but like Kro, you don’t need to build any specific set.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the stats you need yet, just take your time farming, and in the meantime, prepare to build Spectra. Before moving on to the next section, you need to equip Fran and Loren with a set of runes each: Spd/Hp or Def/Hp or Def, +80 speed or more, and Loren with 45% accuracy. For Fran, you should find her a Rage set (you can take it off Belladeon).

Advanced Speed Tuning After Having Spectra:

You will use Spectra to replace Darion in your GBAH team. This team will clear in about 2:30.

Some of you have asked me when you can stop farming Giants, the answer is never. Giants is an extremely important dungeon for you to build stats for your monsters, and even when you go PvP Swift and Despair are still 2 necessary rune sets. You will farm other dungeons at the same time as farming giants.

2. Spectra 2A

If you don’t have Spectra yet, you can get it from the Secret Dungeon. To level up Spectra’s skills, I want you to temporarily switch from farming Faimon 1 for experience to farming Tamor Desert Hell 1 or Hell 3, because there is a chance to drop Wind Griffon there. At the same time, you also farm in the Secret Dungeon Fire Griffon and Water Griffon.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4
Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4

You equip Spectra with runes as follows: Spd/Cdmg/Hp, 45% accuracy and 100% crit rate or as much as possible, plus 2 hp or def artifacts. Spectra is also the second monster you will 2nd awaken.

Spectra 2A is the next monster after Vero that you will level up with devilmon, max skill 2 and skill 3. When you meet all my requirements (a little bit of crit rate is fine), then move on to the next part.

3. ToAH (Trial of Ascension Hard)

ToAH is a challenging dungeon that tests your team’s composition and strategy. It is a great way to farm valuable rewards, such as Devilmon and Rainbowmon.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4
Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 4

To beat ToAH, you will need to build two more monsters: Mav(Wind Penguin Knight) and Mellia.

  • You can get Mellia by completing the quest in the Guild Content.
  • Mav(Wind Penguin Knight) is a 3-star monster (I mentioned before that you should keep all Penguin Knights).

Mav’s(Wind Penguin Knight) rune build:

  • Spd or Hp or Def/Hp or Def/Hp or Def
  • +60 Spd (Mav should not have too much Spd, as it needs to go last in your team)
  • 45% Accuracy

Level up Mav’s skills as much as possible, maxing skill 3 is enough.

Mellia’s rune build:

  • Spd/Hp or Def/Hp or Def or Accuracy
  • +60 Spd (faster than Mav)
  • 45% Accuracy

Mellia can stay at 5 and does not need skill ups. If you can, give her a Despair set.*

Your team will be Vero, Mav, Fran, and 2 of the following 4 monsters depending on the situation:

  • Spectra: Default for most stages except those with monsters that counterattack when crit, such as Jultan, Dark Yeti, and Ragdoll.
  • Mellia: Necessary for stages with monsters that counterattack when crit, can also be used in other stages.
  • Loren: Especially good for boss stages (stages divisible by 10), good for all other stages as well.
  • Shannon: Good for stages where you will take a lot of damage, such as stages with Akroma, Artamiel, White Yeti, and Leo/Ragdoll, can also be used in other stages.

This team can auto up to at least stage 50. After that, you can still auto, but you will need to click on the monsters with full green bars under their health to focus fire on them. For very difficult stages or boss stages, you will need to manual.

If you get stuck on a stage, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the Q&A corner.

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