Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 5

Summoners War Guides For Newbie

Welcome to Summoners War Guide for Newbies Part 5! Having completed part 4, you are now ready to enter a challenging and exciting world.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss the next parts of the Summoners War Guide for Newbies!

Summoners War Guides For Newbie Part 5

1. Raoq 2A, Verdehile, and Dragon – DBAH

After Spectra, Raoq should be your next 2nd awakening monster. If you followed my guide, you should have also obtained Verdehile from the scenario.

Build Raoq similar to Kro. The same goes for Verdehile. You can give him slightly less HP than the two flagbearers (+8000 HP with +300 DEF is good), and this one must have 100% crit rate, not a single bit less (read his passive skill to understand better).

Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Summoners War Guides For Newbie

Building these two monsters will unlock the Dragon team for you: Verde, Loren, Raoq,Veromos,Spectra.

However, now is not the time for you to farm Dragon. I’m just introducing the Dragon team to you, but Raoq 2A and Verdehile are for more important content. You should only farm Dragon when you’re about to start PvP, or if you have a daily quest in the scenario that requires you to farm Dragon. For now, your main dungeon is still Giant Keep.

2. Ling Ling and Steel Fortress – SFAH

The next monster you need to build is Ling Ling. You can rune her similarly to Mellia. Ling Ling will need significantly better stats than Raoq and Kro. Specifically, her build should be similar to the two dogs, but she must be faster than your other damage dealers (around +60 spd is good), and she must have 25% accuracy. You should prioritize giving her your best grindstones.

You will also unlock the Steel Fortress team: Loren, Fran, Raoq, Kro, Ling Ling.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Summoners War Guides For Newbie

You will farm the left side artifacts, and you will farm to equip your monsters with the following lines:

  1. Kro: 1 artifact with the “Damage Received from Light” line
  2. Fran: 1 artifact with the “Damage Received from Dark” line
  3. Mav: 1 artifact with the “Damage Received from Fire” line
  4. Verde1 artifact with the “Damage Received from Water” line

You should still prioritize the main stat over the sub-stats.

3. SSS Rift of Worlds Dungeon

Before you start the dungeon, I want you to farm Giants for a few more days because you need to improve your monsters’ stats. Specifically:

  • Fran: +1000 DEF, +85 Spd, equipped with Violent runes (I mentioned that you should always choose Violent runes if possible), the more HP the better, at least +11000~12000. If your Violent set doesn’t reach 1000 DEF, you won’t use the Violent set, but you will need +120 SPD to compensate.
  • Mav: +1000 DEF, +15000 HP, +55 SPD, 45% accuracy, if you can get a Violent set, that’s even better, but not necessary.
  • Lapis: SPD or ATK%/CDmg/ATK%, 85% crit rate, +70 SPD.

Once you have the stats for the other two monsters, then move on to the next part.

To go to the Rift of Worlds, you need to build one more monster, which is Ardella. If you don’t have her yet, find her in the Secret Dungeon, and remember to max her skills. You rune her like Kro, Raoq, Ling Ling, and Verdehile, except that she only needs 75% crit rate, but she will need more HP and DEF than the other monsters (+12000 HP and +400 DEF).

You arrange the 5 teams as shown in the image below.

Rift of Worlds Dungeon - Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Rift of Worlds Dungeon – Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Rift of Worlds Dungeon - Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Rift of Worlds Dungeon – Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Rift of Worlds Dungeon - Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Rift of Worlds Dungeon – Summoners War Guides For Newbie

This is also the time when you can start using some of the nat4/nat5 monsters you have in storage.
First of all, I think the best pair for all dungeons except the Wind dungeon is Talia-Sabrina. If you already have one of them, go to the Summoning Path to get the other one in the nat4 gift event. If you don’t have either, just leave it to get another one (don’t get Tyron, please). Replace Raoq+Kro with the two sisters, and replace Ling Ling+Kro in the Water dungeon.

Some other good nat4/nat5 monsters include:

  • Perna: used in Wind, Light dungeons
  • Laika: used in Wind dungeon
  • Abigail, Xiao Lin: used in Water, Dark dungeons
  • Astar: used in Wind, Dark dungeons
  • Hraesvelg: used in Water, Light dungeons

I want you to SSS the Water dungeon 90% of the time you run it. The reason I choose the Water dungeon is not to build the Water Homunculus, but because:

It is the easiest of the five dungeons

You will earn Enchanting Gem – Dagger/Vitality. You will use this Enchanting Gem to replace bad sub-stats with good sub-stats, making your runes better.

4. Wind Homunculus, 3rd GBAH Speed Run, and Basic PvE Completion

Along with giving you Enchanting Gems, farming the Rift of Worlds dungeon also gives you crystals to craft Homunculus.

You will obtain the Wind Homunculus by farming and evolving the skills of the Water Homunculus. When you fully evolve it, you will receive a free skill reset ticket. You will evolve the Wind Homunculus as shown in the image below.

Summoners War Guides For Newbie
Summoners War Guides For Newbie

This Homunculus is very easy to rune: 85% accuracy, around +6000 HP with +200 DEF, if possible try to get 35% accuracy. You put it in the Giant team to replace Belladeon. This team will clear in about 2 minutes.

At this point, I can say that you have completed the basic PvE. I say this because so far I have always arranged for you a team that is completely free to play, farmable, but in part 6 I will require you to have certain nat4/nat3ld. Anyway, you should complete the first 5 parts within 1 month before the Almeria blessing expires.

Conclusion: Your Summoners War Journey Has Just Begun

Congratulations on completing the “Summoners War Guides For Newbie” series! This is just the beginning of your journey to explore the exciting and challenging world of Summoners War.


  • Exploring and experimenting: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new team compositions and strategies. Summoners War has endless possibilities and ways to play, find the style that suits you best.
  • Joining the community: Join Summoners War communities to learn from experienced players, share knowledge, and make friends with other players.
  • Setting goals: Set specific goals to pursue and work towards achieving them.
  • Being patient: Summoners War is a game that requires patience and dedication. Be persistent and you will be rewarded.

This series of articles is just the first step in your Summoners War journey. Keep learning, exploring, and enjoying the game!

Good luck!

Suggested topics for future articles:

  • Advanced PvP guide
  • How to build monsters
  • Strategies for conquering difficult dungeons
  • Introduction to new systems and features in the game

Thank you for following this series of articles!

Series Summoners War Guides For Newbie

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